EP-3 - Singapore

Haw Par Villa: A Journey Through Hell

“The Ten Courts Of Hell are contained in a large, snake shaped mountain of crumbling plaster, which at one point was in the form of a large dragon. Small severed heads adorn the outside, with an inscription in Chinese that I would later learn translates to “The sea of bitterness has no boundaries, turn back and you will find shore”.

I suppose this was meant as a warning, a portent of what lay waiting for me inside, but I ignored the heads and ominous writing and headed toward the opening…”

EP-2 - Memphis, Tennessee and Holly Springs, Missippi

The Strange Life and Death of Graceland Too

“Graceland Too is a garish, decaying colonial home in Holly Springs, Mississippi, the world’s most insane fire hazard of an Elvis museum, a decrepit doppelgänger, alternate universe facsimile of the real thing. Every single inch of the home is covered in multiple layers of Presley memorabilia, an impenetrable strata of priceless junk, a hoarder’s heaven.

It’s a handmade shrine to the King, the dream of a man who exhibited signs of utter dedication and, in retrospect, serious issues…”

EP-1 - Doha, Qatar

Mr. Islam Meets the Camelbot

“Traveling around the Middle East, sometimes I was able to find a guy with a car who I could convince to be as excited about as I am about discovering hidden local gems, people that were up for a little adventure.

Mr Islam, though polite, was not one of them.

It took a little extra persuasion, and a couple extra bucks, but eventually we headed out of Doha proper in search of camelbots…”